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    February 27th

    Pre-Lent Chili Cookoff and Johnny Cash Tribute

    Our Chili Cookoff had 11 entries. A special committee of five parishioners selected the top three entries based on several different criteria. Our winners are shown below. The first place chili was created by Bill Kaufman, though he tried to say Diane, his wife, made the chili. The second place chili was awarded to Pam Rogers, with her mother to cheer her on with her creation. The third chili was awarded to Victor Jones. Everyone appreciated all of the chilies, which can be verified because there was hardly any leftovers in each of the chili pots.
    After the chili awards our parishioners were treated to the Johnny Cash Tribute for more than an hour. The music and history about Johnny Cash were terrific and many of the pepole who knew the lyrics joined in with the singing.

    February 27th 2022

    The Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida
    (Effective Ash Wednesday – 3/2/22)

    Significant Modifications to Existing Diocesan Guidelines

    1. Masks and face coverings are suggested, but no longer required, for fully vaccinated people in the pews. Unvaccinated people in the pews should remain masked (a person is considered fully vaccinated only if they have received all available doses for their age group, including boosters).
    2. For those serving in the chancel in any capacity, or those who are in procession, they are to remain masked unless they are speaking into a microphone or are at least six feet away from others.
    3. Pre-intincted wafers or an intinction chalice may be offered for intinction only.
    4. The common cup restriction is still in place. No chalice or common cup may be offered.
    5. During the consecration of the Eucharist, the celebrant may be unmasked if the elements (including the intinction chalice) are covered with a cloth or are in a ciborium with a lid. The priest host may be uncovered, and it is to be consumed by the celebrant. The celebrant no longer has to be gloved.
    6. Childcare, nursery and food service workers must mask when in close proximity to others.
    7. Choir members who are unvaccinated must remain masked when singing in a choir or in close proximity to others.
    8. Full food and beverage service (at pre-COVID levels) may resume immediately.
    9. The church must still have readily available masks, sanitizing gel or wipes.
    10. Sanitizing stations should be located near all main entrances/exits.
    11. Quarantine restrictions for those who test positive or those who are exposed to COVID positive persons are still in place:
    • If you are in close contact for 15 minutes or more with person X who tests positive, you must remain quarantined for five days from person X’s positive test. If you are exposed to someone who tested positive, you should be tested on the fifth day after your exposure.
    • If your test is negative, you may resume your normal activities.
    • If your test is positive, you must quarantine for five additional days, and remain masked for the next additional five days.
    • If you tested positive for COVID, there is no need to be tested again for at least three months. You may continue to test positive for 90 days even though you are not contagious.
    • If you have a medical condition or if taking medications that weaken your immune system, you may not be fully protected even if you are fully vaccinated. You should continue to take all precautions recommended by your health care professional.

      Liturgical Guidelines for Lent

      • • Shrove Tuesday pancake/waffle dinner and full food and beverage service may resume.
        • Ash Wednesday (in the usual pre-COVID way) may resume with one exception: the person
        distributing the ashes must be gloved.
        • No foot washing on Maundy Thursday or at any time during Lent.
        • During Stations of the Cross, the clergy and one or two persons may move from station to
        station. The congregation is to remain seated and not process from station to station.
        • Palms or palm crosses do not have to be in baggies or wrapped.

      FLASH: February 17th 2022

      Rev. Kay will be interviewed by the Diocese Standing Committee to determined if she is qualified to be admitted a Candidate for the Holy Orders for Ordination to the Priesthood.

      FLASH: February 18th 2022

      Rev. Kay received the following letter via email from Bishop Greg Brewer:

      Dear Kay:

      It was indeed my pleasure to have been present with the Standing Committee yesterday for your interview
      with the members – both those present in person and those joining the meeting via Zoom video call. The
      Committee voted unanimously to approve your application for admission as a Candidate of Holy Orders. I
      am delighted, therefore, to report that with the concurrence of the Commission on Ministry and the
      Standing Committee, I have admitted you as a Candidate for Holy Orders, effective February 17,2022, in
      the process toward ordination to the Priesthood in the Diocese of Central Florida. Congratulations Kay!