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    February 27th

    Pre-Lent Chili Cookoff and Johnny Cash Tribute

    Our Chili Cookoff had 11 entries. A special committee of five parishioners selected the top three entries based on several different criteria. Our winners are shown below. The first place chili was created by Bill Kaufman, though he tried to say Diane, his wife, made the chili. The second place chili was awarded to Pam Rogers, with her mother to cheer her on with her creation. The third chili was awarded to Victor Jones. Everyone appreciated all of the chilies, which can be verified because there was hardly any leftovers in each of the chili pots.
    After the chili awards our parishioners were treated to the Johnny Cash Tribute for more than an hour. The music and history about Johnny Cash were terrific and many of the pepole who knew the lyrics joined in with the singing.