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Who is the minister in the Church? The right answer is everyone in the Church. One of our most important ministries is to engage in outreach to our community; to give of ourselves; to offer our facilities; to provide financial support. Our outreach not only helps the community, but our members grow in their walk with Christ.

Everglades Elementary School

In 2020 during, the start of the Covid pandemic, we adopted the school to provide needed supplies. Everglades Elementary was selected as between 94-98% of the student population is considered to be living at the poverty level.
Over that year we provided bottled water, school supplies, and and clothes. In 2021 we continued to provide our support and provided the teachers and staff with a box luncheon to raise their morale. Our support continues.

Big Lake Mission (BLM)

This organization invites anyone in our community who is need of food to join them for lunch. Members of our church help BLM by providing a complete lunch for the 40 people (average) who come for a meal.

Salvation Army Food Pantry

Our church collects food from our parishioners during each service. The food is given to our “local” Salvation Army for distribution to those in need in our community. We also give turkeys to the Salvation Army for Thanksgiving distribution to the needy.

Ladies Sewing for Charity

Every third Wednesday of the month a group of ladies meet in our Parish Hall to sew pillowcases for the organization Ryan’s Case For Smiles and for the Okeechobee Health Care Facility. While sewing, they social distance, enjoy great fellowship and pray for each resident, child and their family who receives one of our pillowcases. 

Thanksgiving Turkey Baskets

Every year our parishioners purchase turkeys and all the usual sides (stuffing, cut beans, yams, cranberries, pumpkin pies and more). We year we increased the number of baskets to 35. The baskets are given to people in need of food for a Thanksgiving meal. The past two years we have given to families of students at Everglades Elementary.

AA Meetings

Our parish hall is used by multiple AA groups Monday through Friday at noon time and Sunday through Friday in the evenings.

The worship of our Church is often called our liturgy (translated “work of the People’). There are several ministries that we encourage you to become a part of during our celebrations. When one enters the Church, we would like to see many people in making the experience of worship meaningful.

Hospitality Ministers

Hospitality Ministers arrive early and are the first face one will see on Sundays. They are attentive to the needs of the congregation and perform various duties during the service. This ministry is ideal for those with a welcoming spirit that may not want to become involved in the more public liturgical ministries.


The role of Lectors is ideal for those that like to study the Word and are comfortable with public speaking. Once trained, the lector will take part in the Liturgy of the Word by proclaiming and telling the stories of our past.

Eucharistic Ministers

Lay Eucharistic Ministers assist the Presider in the distribution of Communion and to lead us in prayer. Some are also are available to take communion to our shut-ins when called upon. This role is one that does require diocesan approval, so there is some training involved. However, it is a very special and intimate role serving God’s people.


Acolytes assist the Presider and often are the younger people in our Parish will fulfill this role. Training is necessary for this important role. The young are the future of our Church and this ministry shows that to our Church family when acolytes are present in our service.


Music is vital to our experience. Should you want to share your musical gifts, please contact our Music Director to see where you might be able to offer your gifts in our musical selections.