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A message from Rev. Kay


    In your routine shopping, you may have noticed the stores have been displaying fall merchandise and decorations since early August … and now, only at the beginning of October — Christmas decor and merchandise is occupying almost every corner and aisle! As we enter the 4th quarter, we begin to see all the fanfare of the season. As Christians, foremost in our hearts is the gratitude we reflect upon at Thanksgiving, and the hopeful anticipation for the arrival of the ‘Light of the World’ during Advent, culminating in His coming. 

     I share the following thoughts with you from a devotional book entitled God of All Comfort: 40 Days to Unwavering Hope (DaySpring, 2022).

    God is calling people everywhere, every day to shine His light of hope for the world. Let us each do our part. One thought is we can become more intentionally aware of the people who are doing all they can to share the hope of Christ around us. Maybe we can give them a pat on the back they aren’t expecting, just to let them know they are making a difference, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. We can be inspired by their courage and compassion as we witness the ways they follow God’s leading to serve those He brings into their lives. Additionally, we can ask in prayer how we, too, might be a light for others. Even if we don’t sense a specific response right away, we can trust that in His time, God will reveal those answers to us. We need to remember that often, He may nudge us toward some very practical, down-to-earth actions we can take … and those can be very spontaneous! He might simply whisper to our hearts in the moment: “That waitress could really use a word of encouragement today” … or … “See that teacher? He’s overwhelmed, and he needs to know he’s making a difference” … or … “Don’t be afraid to share that new idea you have with the other volunteers; it’s a good one!”  

    Regardless of when, or how, He calls us — we always have the choice about whether to answer that call. He loves us no matter what we choose, but He knows the joy it can bring to our hearts when we step into those opportunities to light the world with His love! 

    Let us join together as we sing and manifest  — “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!” 



Rev. Kay Mueller, Rector – Church of Our Saviour (Okeechobee)

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