Church Of Our Saviour
200 NW 3rd Street
Okeechobee, Florida
Our church is held together by our common worship and the loving respect we give to each other. Our primary mission is "to know the Christ and to make Him known" and what better way to know Him than through worship. To learn more about the roles our volunteers play in our worship services, please click on the adjacent links, and as you review the material think about if you would like to volunteer.

Men and women are needed to serve on the Altar Guild. Please contact Hazel Parnis or Fr. Jim if you would like to volunteer.

Worship Servers Schedule
Our regular Sunday worship consists of a Rite I service at 8:00am and a Rite II service at 10:30am. To view the schedule of servers for the month, please click the link below:

June Server Schedule


To view the readings for any Sunday in the current month, simply click on the links below:

June 04 - The Day of Pentecost - Pages 1-4
June 11 - Trinity Sunday - Pages 1-7
June 18 - 2 Pentecost - Pages 1-4
June 25 - 3 Pentecost - Pages 1-4

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer
Please pray for the Rector and people of:

St. Francis of Assisi Church, Lake Placid
All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Lakeland


Altar Guild

Lay Readers

Lay Eucharistic Ministers




Prayers of the People
In your daily prayers, please include the following names to comfort and heal those who suffer in body, mind, or spirit:

Brittany Ballard
Betty Barringer
Jeff, Eileen & Erica Boehler
Jackie & Chester Bricko
Justin Briggs
Clariece Burdeshaw
Joyce Burton
Bob Butler
Chris Capp
Hilary Carmichael
Jeff Copper
Carol Dixon
Caitlane Paige Duncan
George Duncan Jr.
Ronald & Theresa Ellis
Mark Ford
Ashley Galloway
Alexis Garcia
Caylee Gatwood
Timmy Gillam
James Greeson
Tracy Hagerman
Tara Horton
Minnie James
Madilyn Jeffers
Cynthia Duncan Kimble
Ann Kingery
Wayne Leroy
Mike Long
Kyle Lunt
Vince Malone
Linda Markham
Ellison Maynard
Judy Maynard
Mac & Pat McAllister
Doris O'Connell
Hazel Parnis
Marryellen Pizzi
Ray & Rose Ragsdale
Merrie Smith
Donna Townsend
Mary & John Verrachio
Danny Dee Wallace
Jean Wallace
Bill Wiersma
Olive Williams
Joe Wolff
Shelby Zielke
We give thanks and praise for God's mercy and healing.

Deacon Deche Hamill
Chriss Capp
Mac McAllister

Please pray for those in the military who serve country:

Patrick Duncan
Brayn Fortun
Joshua, Jared & Wayne Radford

And please pray for our members in a nursing facility:

Dee Wallace

Also please prayer for the souls of the faithful departed and the consolation of their families, especially:

Debbie Lunt
Brittney Parish
Betty Parriott
Mann Pendleton

And special blessing for our parishioners who are traveling.

Parish Cycle of Prayer


Lynn, Lynn, James, Luke & Hailey Greeson,
Michael Guerrero,
Robert & Tracy Haberlandt