Church Of Our Saviour
200 NW 3rd Street
Okeechobee, Florida
Greeter  Usher/Greeter Greeter
The ministry of the usher/greeter is largely one of hospitality; indeed, hospitality is a way we make our faith in Christ visible to others. The usher/greeter is usually the first person someone, whether new or a “regular”, sees when arriving for worship. This ministry of welcome and hospitality will begin to set the tone for their worship experience that day. The usher/greeter presence alone may meet their need for a godly connection – perhaps it’s been a difficult week for them or one full of joy. In any case, the usher/greeter is the one who will meet and greet them first in the name of the Lord and extend a hand or offer a smile that says, “it’s good that you are here.”

The general duties of the usher are:
  • Greet the parishioners and hand them a service bulletin as they enter the church. Be sure to arrive at the church 20 minutes before the service and stay at the back of the church or just outside the entry door. If the parishioner is new, give him/her a "Welcome Packet" from the back table.
  • Count everyone in the church and record the numbers on the attendance slip, which can be found in the drawer of the drop leaf table in the back. You will place the attendance form in the offering plate when they are accepted by the server.
  • Gather the offering from the parishioners by first going forward to the altar gate and taking the collection plate from the server. Then pass the plates through the congregation for the collection, proceeding a pew at a time. Remain at the back of the church until the organist starts to play the doxology. Then take the plates forwardto give to the server. Then place the "gate kneeler" in front of the altar gate and return to the back.
  • Assist with Communion by guiding the communicants to the Communion Rail. Also inform the priest when you commune that there are parishioners who need  communion taken to them at their seat. Then return to back of the church and open the doors at the end of the service.
  • Invite any newcomers and visitors at the end of the service to attend our coffee hour and show them where the parish hall is located.
Time Requiement: Before and after the service, a total of approximately 30 minutes.