Church Of Our Saviour
200 NW 3rd Street
Okeechobee, Florida
Altar Guild
The Altar Guild is a group of deeply committed persons, dedicated to serving our Lord by preparing the sanctuary, the altar, the priest's vestments, hangings, vessels and elements and doing all that they can to make worship meaningful and beautiful.

The Altar Guild serves under the direction of the rector, who has overall responsibility for determining how Altar Guild duties are performed. They do the work in the background and strive to help the worship life of the parish run smoothly.

They work in teams on a weekly basis to perform some of the following duties:
  • Draping the altar and walls with the appropriate hangings for the season.
  • Setting up the altar communion vessels prior to each service.
  • After each service, cleaning and storing the items used.
  • Laundering linens used during the service.
In general they work to maintain the articles used in the worship life of the parish.

There is a period of training during which each new member is assigned to work with a team leader who is responsible for the instruction. However, generous support and camaraderie is shared by all members of the guild.

Time Requirement: Before and after the Sunday and Wednesday service, approximately 3 hours.