Church Of Our Saviour
200 NW 3rd Street
Okeechobee, Florida
Fr. Edward with Sam and Linda Cooper Parishioners awainting the start of the Passover Seder Judy Maynard, Cheryl Schippers, and Pam Rodgers our Seder Helpers
Palm Sunday Passover Seder
On Palm Sunday evening our church held its first Passover Seder, which was to remember the Festival of Passover, to remind us of our Jewish religious heritage, and recall the importance of the Old Testament as a part of today’s Christian Scripture. Despite the storm that came through Okeechobee just before the function was to begin, about 50 parishioners attended.
Passover Seder Fr Edward Leader TableThe focal point of Passover is a communal meal called a Seder, which means "order" in Hebrew, because of the fixed order of the service. Fr. Edward was the leader for the Seder and all followed and participated using a specially prepared Haggadah, which in Hebrew means "telling". Normally the Passover Meal is an integral part of the service, but the meal was postponed until after the formal Seder ended.

Another unique aspect of the service was at the end of the formal Jewish Passover Seder, to examine it from a Christian prespective in light of the coming of Christ. The service used the "matzo", the unleaven bread, as the broken body of our Lord Jesus Christ and the wine of used in the Seder as the blood  of our Lord Jesus Christ. The idea was to learn the Old Testament story of God’s actions that
brings it out of the past and makes it a present reality for everyone and links it to today's Christian beliefs.

At the end of the service all enjoyed a wonderful meal and the fellowship of the event. The church did have a free-will donation for those who wanted to contribute. All money, over $300 went to the new Sharing Fund.

THANK YOU to the members who worked so hard to organize and put on our first Passover Seder together. A special thanks to Chuck Schaefer for the photos. To view some of the pictures taken at the event, simply click on the thumbnails below:

Passover Seder Table 1 Passover Seder Table 2 Passover Seder Table 3 Passover seder Table 4

Passover Seder Table 5 Passover Seder Head Table Fr. Edward Leader Passover Seder All Tables Kay Helping a Table Mother
Fr Edward talking to Sam and Linda Cooper Passover Seder Helpers

You can also read through our "Haggadah for th Seder" by clikcing on the link below:

The Passover Celebration Haggadah for the Seder